Tuesday, December 11, 2012

23andme's "One Million Strong"

23andme has dropped the price of it's service from $299 to $99 and just recently rolled out a nifty new Ancestry tool called Ancestry Composition.  There are several kinks to work out yet but I especially love the split screen tool which shows what I got from my mom and my dad.  

You see, I haven't seen my father since I was around 3 or 4 and know nothing of his family.  Finding my father's genetic fingerprint using my DNA was the real reason I got involved with 23andme in the first place, and that was nearly 4 years ago.  I've found many clues over the years, and testing my mother was key to teasing my father out, but I've never been closer to 'knowing' my father than I am right now.  So, let me introduce you to my dad, or at least my genetic dad.  That's him, on the bottom:

Anyway, if you've been curious but waiting on the sidelines because of cost, maybe now is the time to jump in?  It's been a wonderful journey for me: I've met a lot of great people from all over the world and have learned so much since I got my results in April 2009.   Come and join me and find your genetic roots:

One Million Strong, A Note from 23andMe’s Anne Wojcicki


  1. Hey, did you see this article?


  2. Thanks Jaimee, I missed it but I posted it because I strongly believe that there is an inflammation/immune element to autism, at least in our case =)